Lisa Helmholz-Adams

Lisa Helmholz AdamsLisa Helmholz-Adams is the founder of Helmholz Fine Art, a gallery based in Manchester, VT.

Highly educated, speaking several languages and an accomplished athlete, Helmholz-Adams explored her entrepreneurial desires: working in NYC initially in fashion with renowned designers and a very sophisticated clientele—buying and traveling the world; she then moved on to be the director of a fine art gallery in Vermont for over 20 years, accountable for commissioning art from around the world, working closely with artists, curating very successful exhibitions and building profound relationships with her global clients. The authentic relationships with her clients, artists and vendors remain inspiring.

Helmholz-Adams spent her formative years in Dakar, Senegal, where her exposure to cultural diversity shaped her into who she is today and inspired her love of art and global cultures. Her parents were largely responsible for her arts education and for igniting these interests and passions in her at a young age. Robert Helmholz, her father, collected important artworks from all over the world, forming an impressive collection representing ancient cultures and history. Her mother Romona, an artist and entrepreneur always involved in the arts, opened Helmholz-Adams’ eyes to the vast world of Art without boundaries.

While running her business, co-raising her family of three boys and contributing to her community on many levels, Helmholz kept her athletic mastery in the mix, ranking 13th in the Nation as one of the top women sabre fencers.

Helmholz Fine Art was launched in 2014 to parlay all her amazing experiences, insights and relationships into a fine art gallery with her name on the door and the freedom to channel proceeds from the business to her philanthropic initiative known as Global Reach with a mission of pursuing her vision to impact humanitarian causes and concerns around the world. Hunger Free Vermont is the first of many organizations to receive generous financial, PR and press support from Helmholz Fine Art through Global Reach.

Most recently Helmholz-Adams opened her gallery to the public to offer complimentary access to several cultural events featuring demonstrations by her masterful artists and Global Reach receptions.

Helmholz-Adams lives with her husband in Dorset, Vermont and New York City.

(802) 855-1678