Cynthia Rosen paints with a contemporary vision that bridges the representational world with the intangibility of time as explored by the Impressionists, Expressionists, Futurists and Color Field painters. Her work has been recognized for spurring a change in the Plein Air community as she melds her love of nature with painting, often painting outdoors, creating images that stretch beyond the traditional, with a palette knife as an integral tool.

Rosen states “Our personal visual voices are our means of connecting and interpreting our ever-changing world. I pursue mine through improvisation while creating order. The size of my works vary, but my fascination with color and movement remains a constant.”

In 2018, Rosen was featured in Plein Air Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, The Outdoor Painter (online) and American Art Collector, and was invited to make an instructional video which was released through Streamline Art Videos (11/18). She will be on the faculty of the 2019 Plein Air Convention. Rosen lives in Dorset, Vermont.