Art Dreaming About Itself

Saturday, February 13 from 5-7:30 PM
442 Depot Street, Manchester Vermont

On Saturday, February 13 from 5:00 to 7:30 PM at Helmholz Fine Art, Lisa Helmholz-Adams will host an opening reception for ART DREAMING ABOUT ITSELF, a signature exhibition of works on paper from visual artist Stephen Schaub, an innovator whose artworks defy classification. The show debuts in Manchester before moving on to New York City where it will hang in a gallery located on 57th Street.

As an innovator, Schaub invented many of the processes used to create the artworks; he also innovated or designed many of the methods used, in his words, to “sketch, or capture” the idea on light-sensitive instant material. The image then becomes a visual springboard from which the final artwork is born.

“My work,” he says, “is an unresolved narrative… imagine the first few paragraphs of a book… it is the start of a story.”

Some of the artworks visitors will have a chance to view include BLUE TREE (44” x 44”), GIRL IN FIELD WITH SNOW (47½” x 38”) and MON AMOUR EN ROUGE (MY LOVE IN RED; 63” x 44”), all pigment on hand-made Amate paper and categorized as 21st Century mixed-media. Each piece is created as a one-of-one artwork; no other versions are made.

“Schaub’s process,” says Helmholz-Adams, “brings together processes and materials from throughout thousands of years of art history.” The encaustic process he employs dates from the 5th Century BC. The Amate paper he uses has been hand-made in Mexico using the same technique for the last 3,000 years.

Additionally, “My mark-making techniques are inspired by the earliest forms of art, such as petroglyphs and pictographs, dating back tens of thousands of years,” says Schaub. All these processes and techniques come together to form Schaub’s unique and unprecedented body of work.

ART DREAMING ABOUT ITSELF will be on exhibit at Helmholz Fine Art starting Saturday, February 13th. For more information call Helmholz Fine Art at (802) 855-1678 or email Stop by the gallery at 442 Depot Street Tuesday to Saturday, 11AM to 5PM or Sunday, 11AM to 4PM, or visit, to view new works by Elizabeth Torak, Thomas Torak, Margot Nimiroski, Rita Dee, Pat Musick, Lisa Cueman and Mark Wilson Meunier.