Goons first started his career in Chicago as a street artist. After going “all city” and covering the streets with thousands of stickers and posters, he was recognized as the biggest of his peers. He was noticed by Wrigley Gum who approached him to create an stop motion video. The hand made commercial gained over 1 million views on YouTube, and the New York Times noted: “It is not every day that marketers go into business with goons…”

After much attention from the ad and subsequent interviews, Goons retreated from the street spotlight and moved to Vermont to focus on studio work. Not long after he returned, energy drink company Red Bull asked him to compete in a painting competition, which subsequently won him both the judges and people’s choice votes. Red Bull sent him to Art Basel in Miami to show his work at Scope Art Fair. Around this time Goons also debuted his first solo show. After a near sell out opening night the momentum continued to another show this time featuring a showing of his own cartoon.

Through these successes he gained notoriety with many contemporaries, especially musicians who love his work. This lead to being asked to animate, art direct, and create set designs for a number of music videos. Goons was booked as the art director on rapper Kreayshawn’s video directed for pop-punk group SWMRS, the drummer being the son of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. He has created dozens of animations for the band Twin Peaks’ video ‘Holding Roses.’ He’s been featured in Xxl, Spin and Paste magazine for such achievements.

More recently, Goons created a hand painted mural for the flagship Nike Jordan store in Chicago and several t-shirt designs sold in store. Working with 90’s New York shoe icon Lugz, Goons hand painted a pair of custom shoes for a giveaway from the iconic brand.

After another solo show and selling hundreds of portraits via his Instagram, he turned his attention back to street art creating large scale pieces that include full size cars with distinctive details. He also focused on creating new work exclusively for his first show with Helmholz Fine Art. GOONS the show will prove to be a culmination of effort and skill. Cementing him as one of the greatest street artists and visual rockstar!