Elizabeth Torak Solo Show 2018

Manchester Center, Vermont – Helmholz Fine Art announces artist Elizabeth Torak will be presenting her first solo exhibition in two years on Saturday, October 6th from 5-7pm.

Elizabeth’s Odyssey: A Non-Linear Epic Visual Voyage

Weaving a masterful metamorphosis of the senses into a sublime series of tableaux combining past and future frames of reference which ignite a personal narrative sparked by the power of imagination

“A painting is an experience you can hang on a wall” – Elizabeth Torak

“Living in Vermont for 24 years, walking daily through its woods and fields, I have come to see the landscape not as a series of scenes, but as a dynamic exchange of energy between earth, sun, sky, and atmosphere. The paintings in this new body of work, primarily landscape-based abstractions, draw the viewer into a world of infinite and varied energies moving through time and space. For example, in ‘Fall Into Night’ the painting’s rhythmic path begins amongst the autumn-tinged pastels of spring, leaps to a brilliant fall day – then steps off day’s edge into night. The viewer travels from one frame of experience to another and back again, changed by the journey.”

“I began this show with the goal of painting without inhibitions, internal or external; the result is my boldest and freest body of work to date. Abstract at the apparent level, each painting tells a story using the language of color, brushwork, design, and the texture and quality of the paint itself. My meticulously prepared surfaces, hand-ground paint, and the mediums I make and use, including Maroger medium, enable me to bring the highest degree of luminosity and expressiveness to this work.”

A versatile artist of extraordinary range, Elizabeth Torak is a master painter in both the classical and abstract traditions. In both genres, her work is known for its complexity, movement, and dense color harmonies.

She started painting at age 13 and would start her professional career at 27 and attended the Art Students League where she studied with legendary instructor Frank Mason. Elizabeth Torak is a master in a rare medium called the Maroger from the 17th century by Peter Paul Rubens. “I like to make the analogy that painting on a well prepared ground with excellent materials is like playing a great instrument like a Stradivarius”.

In her 30 plus years as a professional artist, Elizabeth Torak has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the country including the San Diego Art Institute and the Butler Museum of American Art; she has received over 40 awards and is listed in Who’s Who in America and the Biographical Encyclopedia of American Painters, Sculptors & Engravers of the U.S.: Colonial to 2002.

Lisa Helmholz-Adams is privileged to continue what has evolved into a twenty one year exclusive partnership with Elizabeth Torak. She has enjoyed helping shape her career with a ring side seat “watching this extraordinary artist paint masterpieces that would sometimes take five years to complete (‘The Feast of Venus’ and ‘The Beat Goes On’ took two years)”. Her work has transformed over the years to include representative forms, still life, and within the past ten years a re-invention pivot to abstract art forms.

Her avid collectors have championed the various unique art mediums she has created and enjoy showcasing her entire oeuvre as part of their fine art collections.