Rokeby Grand Opening

Saturday, June 22 from 5-7pm
Artist Talk/Reception

A monumental, 30 foot artwork about a Vermont station on the Underground Railroad by Stephen Schaub & Eve Ogden Schaub.

Rokeby is an in-camera collage on film combined with handwritten text and depicting scenes from the historic radical Quaker homestead and Underground Railroad site.

For the first time Stephen Schaub is collaborating with his wife, noted author Eve Schaub to bring handwritten text into the artwork. Drawing from the Rokeby Museum’s vast material archive, Eve Schaub selected for inscription sixteen different passages ranging in date from 1843 up until the present day. The passages are written by the farmers, abolitionists, artists, and writers who made Rokeby their home, and their inclusion speaks to the vast and fascinating history of this unique site.

Helmholz Fine Art is proud to present this important cultural and social artwork for an exclusive showing in Southern Vermont from June 22nd through June 29th with an opening reception on June 22nd from 5-7PM.