Helmholz Fine Art and Artists Rita Dee & Lisa Cueman Partner with the Longines Masters of New York

Manchester, VT. Jan. 25, 2018 – Helmholz Fine Art will be showcased at the Longines Masters of New York, one of the world’s most prestigious equestrian events, taking place at NYCB Live, home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, April 26-29, 2018. An international show jumping series that takes place in Paris, Hong Kong, and now New York, the Longines Masters brings together the world’s top-ranked riders for four days of sports, luxury, and entertainment.

As an official art boutique at the Longines Masters of New York, Helmholz Fine Art will be represented by artist Rita Dee, leading contemporary sculptor of driftwood in America, whose majestic Trail Guide horse statue perfectly embodies the beauty and grace of the equine athlete.

The Trail Guide will be displayed in the Prestige Village, the gathering space for high-end shopping and cultural events during the Longines Masters of New York. The artwork will mirror its surroundings, as the Prestige Village is constructed around the warm-up paddock, providing a rare opportunity to see the riders up close as they prepare to enter the arena.

Equine-inspired photography by artist Lisa Cueman will also be on display from Helmholz Fine Art at the Longines Masters of New York. Lisa Cueman has established herself as a leading fine art equine photographer with a special style that captures the true essence and spirit of the horse, both domestic and wild.

Her life-size portrait of the wild stallion “Wavelength” and other fine art prints are the result of 8 years spent embedded on the barrier islands off the Atlantic coast of North Carolina, photographing the herds of wild horses that call these rugged wetlands home.

Cueman’s ongoing chronicle of the wild horses of the Outer Banks has earned her a special place among the photography art elite. Her collection of images that will be displayed in the Prestige Village reflect the equestrian principles of precision and dedication while honoring the inherent spirit and freedom of the horse.


Helmholz Fine Art was founded by Lisa Helmholz-Adams after spending 25 years as an art curator and dealer. She has established key galleries in New York City and Manchester, Vermont.

Lisa Helmholz-Adams is renowned for championing long-term relationships with artists and sculptors from around the world who are true artisans of their métier. She is highly selective about the portfolio of artists she represents which has helped sustain her reputation for building diverse yet complementary art collections for passionate collectors.

One of the keys to her success has been to champion art which has often been created by leveraging ancient old master techniques and mediums with a modern day cutting edge spin. This serves to both illuminate the past through a contemporary lens while at the same time educating new buyers about the beauty of hitherto lost art forms.

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A passionate of equestrian sports, Christophe Ameeuw – CEO of EEM and Founder of the Longines Masters Paris-Hong Kong-New York Series – founded the Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes in 1997. Based in Belgium, the stables are internationally reputed for their activities in trading sport horses and high-standard breeding. They are also home to an offering some of the best teaching available in the field. In opening EEM, Christophe Ameeuw and his teams were in pursuit of a challenge: to reinvent show jumping by organizing equestrian events of an entirely new kind. The company built its development by creating the concept of the “Masters”, which together, under the same roof, the best of show-jumping, resplendent displays and art de vivre. After the successes of the Audi Masters in Brussels and the Gucci Masters in Paris, EEM came out with one of the world’s most prestigious equestrian events, the Longines Masters Series, on three continents, in Paris, Hong Kong and New York. Inspired by the Grand Slam in Tennis, EEM created a concurrent “Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping”, approved by the FEI, this intercontinental challenge is offered to the world’s elite in show jumping, with two prize levels: The Super Grand Slam – a €2,250,000 super bonus for the three consecutive wins in the Longines Grand Prix, in the season order – The Grand Slam – a €1,000,000 bonus for three successive victories at Longines Grand Prix straddling two Longines Masters seasons.

In 2017, EEM will be creating a new iconic competition, the Riders Masters Cup. Offered to the public alongside the EEF (European Equestrian Federation) and alternating between Europe and the United States, this battle will pit the world’s two leading powers in show jumping against one another: Europe and the United States. On the Asian continent, “Asia Horse Week”, rallying point for the international equestrian community there, also serves as a prime setting for the Longines Masters of Hong Kong, illustrating EEM’s determination to develop the sport’s international arms in the Asia-Pacific Region. Firmly set on putting equestrian sports front and center and making them accessible to all, EEM rolled out a new digital TV channel on November 14, 2017. EEM.tv offers viewers the chance to follow live and free of charge all EEM events worldwide.

For more information, visit www.eemworld.com

Set in the three of the world’s most emblematic metropolises – Paris, Hong Kong and New York – the Longines Masters series is recognized as one of the most prestigious events in the equestrian world. Created by EEM and inspired by the Tennis Grand Slam, the series quickly expanded their international reach (Hong Kong in 2013, Los Angeles in 2014). In 2015, the inter-continental trilogy turned into the Longines Masters Series. Alongside it, EEM created the “Grand Slam of Indoor Show Jumping”, approved by the FEI, the Grand Slam Indoor is the ultimate challenge for the world’s elite in show jumping, with two levels of prizes:The Super Grand Slam: a bonus of 2.25 million Euros for winning 3 consecutive Longines Grand Prix in the same season. The Grand Slam: a bonus of 1 million Euros for three successive victories in the Longines Grand Prix from one season to the next. The TV broadcast of the Longines Masters Series reachers, to over 120 countries, almost 320 million households, a coverage increased this year by the launch of EEM.tv, the new digital channel of EEM. It allows everybody to freely livestream the all competition and events during the four days. Save the date : Paris 2017 : November 30th – December 3rd Hong Kong 2018 : February 9th – February 11th New-York : April 26th – April 29th

For more information, see www.longinesmasters.com

Based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland since 1832, the watch-maker Longines can lay claim to know-how honed through tradition, elegance and high-performance. Its long-lasting involvement in sports’ timekeeping at world championships and as partner to international federations has helped Longines develop solid, lasting bonds with the world of sport. Renowned for the elegance of its timekeeping devices, Longines is a member of Swatch Group SA, the world’s leading maker of time-keeping products. With a winged hourglass as its emblem, the brand is established in over 150 countries.

Information : Longines International Public Relations – 2610 Saint-Imier, Switzerland
Contact Longines : Clémence Dhiver – clemence.dhiver@Swatchgroup.com – +33 153 812 271
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