Steven Schaub in NYCSchaub’s current series of artworks turns the lens inward, enlarging small moments and focusing on the personal landscape. Influences such as Edward Hopper, Vermeer and Andrew Wyeth are evident in the color palettes, the instrumental use of light, and the intimate and quiet subject matter.

Monumental scale and unique handmade papers add to the interplay between two and three dimensionality: often the works are shallow, frontal, existing on a single plane, and yet their richness in detail and texture belie those qualities.

Schaub works with a variety of unusual and custom cameras, many of which he has had built for specific bodies of work. In his current body of work he employs a 1940s-era large-format Graflex camera, retrofitted to employ a reconditioned WWII aerial reconnaissance lens. Likewise his advanced printing platform, the da Vinci, is one of only two such systems in the world.

Schaub’s artworks have been exhibited in both the United States and abroad, including: the Palm Springs Fine Art Show CA, the San Francisco Fine Art Show CA, John’s Island FL, Las Vegas NV, South Hampton NY and Paris, France. His works are held in many private and corporate collections, most notably the Polaroid Collection.

Schaub is the author of several collections of his work including, “What Gets Lost: Images from Route 20, America’s Longest Road” (2014), and “Through A Glass Darkly” (2004) which was featured as a show both in Vermont and Paris. In 2013 he completed a series of 15 theme books in 15 weeks with titles such as “Aisle Three” “The Bedroom Book” “Fair Food” and “Head Shots.”

Well-known throughout the photography world as an expert and innovator in progressive printing techniques, Schaub was one of Polaroid’s “Ten Featured Artists” and a Yellowhouse Master. His website/blog Figital Revolution, and 2006 book of the same name, have promoted the fusion of traditional and digital photographic techniques and revolutionized the way a new generation thinks about the art form.

All of Schaub’s processes are completed in-house at his Vermont studio. In many cases he is using proprietary techniques that he invented himself.

Each of Schaub’s artworks is available as a unique, one of one.

Schaub’s artworks have been featured/ seen in:

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